The marketing to be renown


Announcing, publishing and promoting are all ways to try to be known. Marketing is first of all a communication tool which has like objective to present something or someone with the hope to obtain a favour in return and therefore make a material, financial relational or spiritual benefit. The marketing or market starting is usually reserved for businesses who seek to sell a product or service using communication medias and creation tools to join a group of targeted people.

The goal is to react a person according to proposed solutions to obtain a potential customer. Since the human desire is solely motivated by two emotions, whether fear or love, we now assist to marketing technics who are based on guiltiness or freedom. Our decision now belongs on understanding them, therefore not on judging them.



Marketing process

The market establishment consist on preparing a marketing plan according to a strategy well defined in order to target a market where the demand is real and exists and then offer a solution to improve people's life quality. Meanwhile, large businesses invests millions of dollars to announce publicity creating fake needs to people using repetitive propaganda habits. Therefore, they create problems instead of bringing solutions to existing problems.

With Internets arrival, large companies monopoly are reducing since the conception of popular Websites allow anyone to grab a piece of the market with few fees. Of course there is still work to be done to be well positioned in search bots. Yet, the hope brings the passion needed to make our dreams reality.


Publicity solutions for serious contractors

We offer free Website design to join a market who interests you, whether it's in English, French or Spanish. Our many publicity solutions offers you complementary tools to help you reach your goals.

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