Marketing strategy


Too many information are transmitted concerning marketing or commercialization and the result is a difficulty to understand what is useful for each contractor, and mostly to lose the reason of a business. Marketing strategy of your services and products must answer to one question : Will I succeed with this strategy to receive more visitors or qualified customers and how to assert myself to validate the goal with precision.

A strategy's measure isn't the money received from the customers, it's the new customers that join you according to a targeted market. So if you are using services from a professional or business in the marketing domain, never forget this measure and ask to put the results in way that they respect it all, so write them on the contract. Evidently, they won't do it, because being responsible to satisfy a customer isn't an important value to them, Therefore, if you are an employee from a large business, this satisfaction won't interest you because you are paid by the hour and not according to the results responsibility.



How to create a marketing strategy

Absolutely put the goals before anything, measurable and realizable goals according to your investments and desired schedule. Many elements must be consider for your marketing strategy and to structure this and not forget the things to do, a marketing plan is necessary.


Publicity solutions for serious contractors

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