Free website design and conception


Having a Website is a necessity for those wanting to offer products and services in order to commercialize a business. They're thousands of designers that share the same interest point: the demand of an excessive fee in exchange of a few paged Website. For those wanting a low feed or free Website usually uses a family member or friend for a doubtful work. In other cases, company's expensive employees do the job with no returns on the investment. In any three of these cases, we can observe a really simple thing: whether unconsciousness or ignorance to create a result who satisfies the demander or customer, which is by the way irresponsible. You can have the finest or coolest Website of the planet, but what's the matter if no one knows your existence?



Website design process

Many steps define a Website creation or design, but what we have to keep in mind is a clear vision of what we want to achieve with a Website. This achievement also has to have a measurable objective which allows us to prove that our goal is evolving. This objective is the number of visitors and customers per month who lands on the Website. The interest is never an action, but what you want to achieve with an action...

After a first contact with an unknown customer, we'll discover together what is the real interest and we'll explain the essential to allow them to have a good ideal of the work to be done. If the customer agrees, we'll then start the process of collecting information to design the home page. Then, a business logo and banner must be created if the customer doesn't have one. After, we receive a service and product description as well as the targeted market so we can perform a market and competition study with the Internet to assure us that there is a real and existent demand and also discover keywords used by potential customers in search bots. If a language translation is needed, we can do it in English, French and Spanish.

The home page is then born and we send it to the customer for his comments and choices concerning de Website design. With the market study, we can determine the navigation menu depending on the keywords which will allow to make more and more pages. Once the home page accepted, we'll start the content editing using popular keywords for a better page optimization.

Once the principal pages done, the online publication passes by a specific hosting and domain name. At this stage, about 20 to 30 pages are done and adding new content becomes a regular and periodic work allowing the number of index-linked pages to increase in search bots.

One of the most important step is the referencing which consists in receiving links to other pages of the Website. These links are "votes of confidence" which make a better positioning of the results requested in search bots. Therefore, better are your positioning by keywords, better is your number of visitors and customers arriving on your Website, which is in fact your real interest.


Free fees involves expenses

Our work require expenses to allow us to achieve your interest, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.        


The originality and unicity of our business is our different writings along the pages of our Website. Direct yourself to our business presentation page to discover why we are popular on the Internet.