Targeted market and demand


When we start a business or while a business development, the targeted market is an essential criteria for our marketing plan and a market study will allow us to validate our decision. Imagine launching a product or service in a market where no demand exists?

A targeted market can equally be made in other languages, but it's more useful to start a business close from where you are and develop in circle because going in other countries is putting the importance on incomes and not on relationships. Life is made of relations and without these relations, contacts, then you compensate with material things in attempt of being seen by people. Therefore, by betting in good and healthy relationships first, you increase your sales figure and life quality.



How to assert yourself that a demand exists ?

A demand is a human reaction that is launched with a desire. This same desire comes from a feeling (usually uncomfortable) that launch's the process of the demand. So we search for a solution, a way to heal our feeling or to prevent other problems. By consequence, the existence of a demand is directly linked to an existent problem. What are the problems you live or the one people live?


Publicity solutions for serious contractors

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