Action plan


A true action is always something new, so if you wish to start a business, ctreate something new, then you have to take conscience of everything you think before you do it, isn't a new action, but a habit coming from your thoughts. This thought is the result of your memory, thus the past, and if you want to realize something new, something different from what your thoughts know, then we see that "thoughts" are the problem. Therefore, we can assert doubtlessly that those who say themselves "creative minds or imaginative" are in the deepest mistake because the mind is imitative...



The thoughts are the results of the memory and the memory is a past accumulation in words inside our mind... so if you wish to create a business with you mind or the others, you must understand that you create nothing else then the same past that you will name "future" to satisfy yourself. Rare are people who can see this simple truth... because it allows us to see that we are mistaken and we don't like to be mistaken to protect or personal image or our ego.


An action plan is instant

If you don't make an instant action concerning a business creation, it's actually because this isn't your principal interest... so why oblige yourself to act? When you say you are hungry, if you don't make any actions to eat now, it's because this isn't a priority for you now.

If you think make an action plan, you'll never create a business, because what counts is the action at all moments and thinking isn't an action, but a reaction learned to flee the action, a habit learned to avoid actions and make others act. The action is movement and the mind is inertia. An action plan starts when you make the first move which is writing something to do who is capable of being forgotten by you mind.

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