Publicity in marketing on the Internet


The publicity domain is an important sector in marketing, because it allows to announce, to show the existence of something in order to inform the public. Generally, publicity agencies are actors used to create a quality publicity spot using a communication media to pass a publicity message. Therefore, these agencies cost a lot so are only reserved for those who have a big marketing budget.

A wide-spread phenomenon in our days is to use Internet as information tool, and it consists in not being able to enter people’s computer like it’s the case with television, radio, newspapers, etc. Internet is totally the opposite since we have to understand people’s motives, habits in order to create something. The base is still the intention of people and their conviction. Therefore, to make a publicity analyse is useless if the publicity agencies don’t understand humans. And effectively, the agencies don’t understand, because they have their “experience”, so they believe they know everything, except themselves and those who search on the Internet. The proof, you only have to see the poor positioning of their site on the Internet…



Publicity for serious entrepreneur

You have a personal business, then perfect! Internet is the useful tool and at low cost to do the publicity or promotion of your services and products. The time is solved where millions of dollars were spent in publicity without receiving customers, except in the campaigns. But with a Website, you’ll constantly have an open window on the world and at any moment.


Publicity solution with a free Website creation

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