Marketing techniques


No technology will replace a human being and those who believe that marketing techniques are needed to communicate with people, then you aren't conscious of who you are. The truth, it's impossible to push someone without his contentment and it's not with the way of a technique that a person will be interested to a service or product, if at first, he's not interested. We can use communication tools to join them or be joined, therefore a technique isn't in human being's nature, because techniques are technology, machines and material things.



Marketing isn't a technique, but something that informs according to everyone's comprehension and this comprehension isn't a technology because a technique doesn't have feelings, emotions. It's impossible to convince someone because once someone wants to convince, the other is already stepping back. In fact, ignorant people will believe that a marketing technique will be able to convince someone to buy his services or products, but this attitude is the one of someone who uses someone else's money, like an employee sleeping in his comfort.

If you are watching an interesting show on television and it's time for the ads, what will you do? Millions of people do the same thing, so the person that decided to use this communication tool doesn't understand a thing of humans behaviour so then he uses people's money believing that a marketing technique will make you stay in front of his ad. The only thing that person doesn't do is understanding people and he is only concentrated on what he learned in school.

Lets not mix technique with humans nature... it's like if I'm in front of a computer trying to be nice with him to come to an end.


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