The sale of products and services


Products and services sale businesses are at the base of economy and also at the base of contact opportunities, of relation between individuals. By offering something that people need or ardently desire, we bring added value to our society all by creating jobs and financial transactions that governments benefit to then balance a bit more the richness.

Therefore, those who act as business or store owners are those who bring the most to our environment and it’s desirable that they can realize their intentions, because they’re givers and not takers. Yes, we have been educated to search for a job because teachers aren’t the people having initiative concerning projects, businesses or a store, but the responsibility rests in each person to take an objective decision and not to follow the crowd by habit without considerations for themselves.

For a business person or entrepreneur, what counts is the fact of being able to be profitable, to make benefits over products and services sales in order to continue, to exist. Without an income source, without being joined by customers, it’s impossible to make profitable a business and to arrive to get customers, we absolutely have to understand they life habits when comes the time to buy something.



Make known the existence of a commerce or business

To have customers, we must act and not think or analyse, and this action is called relation. Too many people on this planet live isolated so when comes the time to launch a business, they board this with their isolating habits so they don’t do any marketing actions because they’re scared and don’t have this love within. And when they take conscience that they have to do marketing and social, they approach customers in way of a great lack of lovability by only being concentrated in selling something and not by understanding the other. As result, they say, to justify from a failure, that people are the reason of their decreasing sales…


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