Our business presentation


CREATION 3L : Originality first!

One of the keys for a Website to be properly positioned in search bots is the one about the contents originality or unicity to present to people. This originality has like goal to not imitate others and therefore offer a different point of vu on a subject already treated or a newly subject to be presented. So the Website must absolutely answer at a true demand to be able to attract visitors according to their proper intention.

We present to you a new business that offers a free Website design and the help for a business start up to any person with or without a diploma and available in 3 languages, where the name Creations 3L (3 languages , 3 Lasanté family members).


1- OUR ORIGINALITY : Different content of traditional education

All human beings start school at the age of 5 without being informed about their personal interests, but oblige them to follow a path that will bring them straight to a dull, routine, no life and particularly no conscience of themselves. We make them believe that it's for their good, but it's totally false. Our Website offers evident points of vu and not experience less knowledge propaganda like what is carried by schools. We don't judge school, we bring another point of vu that could awake the conscience of those who already started to see that there is other options than living as a slave for a job controlled by someone else. Freedom isn't the security.

All our pages bring a different point of vu concerning a prospect business creation to any person who has the intention to start his business whatever his scholarship level, economic situation and also his spot. We observe that values sent by educational systems don't work properly to live a free life, they put importance on competition instead of cooperation, on isolation instead of unity, on personal realization instead of collective realization, on principles of the strongest instead of the kindest and finally on slavery instead of the freedom to undertake.


2- THE DEMAND OR PROBLEM'S FACTS : A job is a prison

We observe that a job is an early solution because people don't have full control of this situation and are depending on an authority for a simple survival. Like consequence, a job is a prison where people desire a post, more advantaging titles to be able to control his next fellow because they don't like their work. But no matter what the comfort of a prison is, a prison will always stay a prison. So people desire solutions to live free and live dependence less.


3- OUR OFFERS : Business creation, publicity and free Website

We offer freely our experience in matter of business creation for people having a sincere intention to live free. And more, we make a free website design who will bring a visibility and a credibility to new contractors to be joined by customers. Publicity solutions are also available for a different marketing.

Our business is named Creation 3L because we are three members speaking different languages, from the same family and having the last name Lasanté. So therefore we create Websites in English, French and Spanish.


Mikaël Lasanté, Spanish

Éric Lasanté, English

Claude Lasanté, French