Qualified customers in marketing


Imagine 100 people that enters your store, will they all buy your services and products? How do you define a qualified customer? A person that buys or a person that visits?

For us, a qualified customer is neither one of them. A qualified customer is someone that has the intention of being informed. You can lose a customer because your attitude isn't lovable with him... while he desires having more information.

Therefore, here is a secret question that will allow you to discover the intention of a customer : You only have to ask him "Are you here for more information or simply to look around without being disturbed?" So, you ask for a choice concerning two possible truths for the customer and his answer will tell the truth about their intention. If he answers he's looking, go away now and it's mostly possible that he'll return to you because he felt good with your question. If he answers he wants information, then it's important to ask him if he wants it now or later... because you don't know.



How to qualify someone by Internet ?

With a Website, if the pages are created by someone who knows human's behaviours and not the techniques only, then the pages will be written so people can take the decision to join you or not. To bring confidence to people, you only have to put the doubt away by writing the fees of your products and services, if they join you, then you know that they are qualified and that they desire "feel" your way of being.


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