Communication medias


Medias are powerful, but want counts is the attention of the listener. A media is a medium between the person wanting to inform and the one who might be interested by the information. Therefore, this medium, this media, can make belief that the two sides need him so then he can increase his fees and use fake statistics to manipulate the payers.

The problem with these media is that people pay without any satisfying results, so an evident lack of responsibility. For the one who announces one time at the television, he'll see that it costs a lot for poor results. Then the medias will tell him to announce more often to create a habit in people by the repetition of commercial ads. Therefore, this type of practice violates an universal sacred law, the one about leaving people alone concerning their true intention and to stop looking to change that.



You desire announce your products or services ?

The large medias are for large businesses that have the budget to "flick" you, but they don't have control of the Internet because people don't have time to waste and they have the control of what they see on their screen. And more, since the remote appeared, people change channel during the commercial ads. Television medias must certainly not tell this to their customers...

Choose medias that brings you results before paying and not pay hoping for results. Internet is a media, but is a useful and fast information tool that replaces many people who constantly try to manipulate others by making them belief they need them.


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