Publicity solutions


Two principles exists concerning publicity solutions: whether we pay hoping that customers find us using traditional publicity or pay when a customer finds us using Internet publicity. Evidently, traditional publicity is very expensive yet it's complementary to Internet publicity.



Targeted publicity

To obtain success, targeting publicity must put importance on the relation and not on the publicity tool but still, it's exactly the opposite that we observe... Businesses send thousand forms of publicity to potential customers but don't communicate with them before sending it. Therefore, the person who receives the publicity has a valuable reason to throw it in the garbage which is because he or she receives hundreds of the same type each month.


Our publicity solutions

You wish increasing your sales figure and your piece of the market? Our publicity solutions brings you a fair return on your investments. The Adword and Adsense program from Google is on of the most profitable on the Internet as well as Press releases who can be used to inform your customers of your last promotions or changes. A leaflet design to target your customers is an important tool to announce yourself as well as business cards for your representation. Finally, with a free website design, you will have everything you need for your credibility in publicity matter.


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