Free Website for businesses


We offer free Website designs for any businesses who desire it, as well as services and products answering have a real demand. Our responsibility doesn't have to be writing on a contract because we bet on everyone's freedom and also on the best mutual relation. Our incomes come from Web announcers that desire potential customers using a market strategy with search bots. Therefore, our interest is included in yours since we need more and more visitors or customers to make publicity incomes and yours is to get larger sales figures. Click on the picture to discover what's a publicity advertisement.




The Website's basic characteristic

What's essential to consider concerning a Website design is to understand visitors interest as well as for search bots. We all say that a picture is worth thousands of words, but for the Internet, a word is worth thousands of images because all searches begin with a word. Therefore the text content is the most important foundation, not the special effects that annoy people. Keep your Christmas tree for the holidays, not for a Website. However, the question is what does someone on the Internet wants, the answer is "ours". We want fast information on the topic that attracts us and not waste our time.


Free fees involves expenses

Our Website design work requires expenses for hosting a Website and for the domain name, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.        


The originality and unicity of our business is our different writings along the pages of our Website. Direct yourself to our business presentation page to discover why we are popular on the Internet.