The offer and demand or the demand and offer ?


The observation allows to know the tendency... depending on the actual problems. Problems are the greatest opportunities of creation for those who act and not for the employees. One deep problem that we create is the one about inventing an offer and make people think they need it. By example, we launch a business that creates 10 kilo shoes and we say that they'll bring exercise to these people to make them lose weight. This ideal can't be presented to many people if we don't have a big publicity budget, but rich people can do it and use thousands of television publicities to create a habit in peoples mind by repetition and therefore bring a popular belief. Don't laugh, it's exactly what's happening with people with money ! So, this way is only accessible to rich people. This is how we create problems, we invent something without showing our solution answers a demand.

The truth, rich people reverse natures life process : I offer something and you go get it... the natural process is the sincere desire that comes from human's nature that searches a solution to their problem.



Internet is the changing tool

Internet reverses the way to do of rich people that control everything, because we can't have a publicity on the Net without our consent depending on our intention. We see thousands of large businesses close their doors and it isn't random, but the fact that they aren't actual in people's way of life.

A Website can't show up on your computer screen without a decision from ourselves and more with Internet, the free aspect of it plays a big part.


Publicity solutions for serious contractors

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