Competition isn't rivalry


Rivalry brings cooperation, but competition is a poison that separates the world. In the political domain, competition brings the wars. In the financial domain, competition wants to take the other's finance. Competition is a consequence of a school conditioned mind wanting to be better than an other. Rivalry and cooperation don't want to be better than an other, but want to be different. Rivalry brings different point of vu to allow different choices.

How many times have we seen a gas station or a restaurant install itself at a corner beside a rival ? This practice is stupid for a customer because the place doesn't justify that there is a large customer demand in that sector. The responsible of the new store will say that it's a healthy competition and fair play, but how will he feel when a same store opens beside his ! We don't do to others what we don't want to be done...

A healthy competition is impossible because these two words don't get along in the same sentence, as well as a healthy war...



Competition study over Internet

For Internet, we can rapidly do a competition study in order to see if there are too many results or businesses in a precise domain according to a region or targeted market. If the offers are in big number, then it gets hard to be well positioned.


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