Market tendency


The observation of actual problems allows to know the tendencies... it isn't the analysts who have titles that can predict a tendency, but those who see things and people as they are. A tendency is a future result, but what creates the future? The future is created with what is, the present, with the present concerning people's feelings. Those who understand people, those who see the actual truth of what's going on, know exactly that the present's consequences will create the future or tendencies.

Big thinkers analyze once arrived, but never they can analyze the future because to be done, they must have an empty mind from their known memory, because it's the memory that avoids to see clearly.



What are tomorrow's tendencies ?

Observe the world a thousand years ago and today, do you see a difference in the problems we live? The effects are different, but the causes are the same, so tendencies don't exist when we constantly live in reaction because problems come back again like it is since the beginning of the world. The lack of freedom, slavery, fear, wars, search of power, domination, selfish conflicts, killings, stealing, etc. The actual facts and the actual tendencies are the ones that will create future consequences. Everything comes from our unconsciousness.

Everyone can see this, but if you have knowledge or beliefs, then you'll only see your ideas.


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