Marketing by direct email - Emailing


The emailing marketing is for many people, an old method, boring, slow and inefficient for joining people. All of this is the consequence of the rapidity and growth of Internet and so people forgot somehow, the old simple style that humanity knew in matter of marketing and commercial relations.

 There are many causes why business people from today have forgotten direct marketing by email. The first reason is the one believing that with all the existent technologies, this method is seen like a great lost of time. Secondly, emailing takes too much time to join the receiver. Thirdly, the reaction from the receiver isn’t fast enough in a way that the return on the investment is profitable enough. And fourthly, mailing is too expensive.

 Well enough for these powerful points are true, it’s impossible to suppose that the results of a case will be the same for everyone. No one can really say that an emailing marketing campaign will be great or not. Can there be facts to justify that all the positive effects will be applied to any emailing campaign?



One thing is certain, almost everyone hates receiving spams in their email receiving boxes. They’re irritated and annoyed by these undesirable emails. Emailing only works if it’s used in really different ways while spam emailing produces negative effects. What counts is to see that marketing emailing is in fact a personalized version of publicity.


Therefore, if you look at the positive side of emailing marketing, you can take in consideration these following points:

Not all emails are handled the same way

Spams give headaches, because they bring too many distractions

Be really objective in an emailing campaign


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