Communication tools


Communication doesn't mean comprehension, but a share of information. Understanding is an action from the listener and without an active hearing which is observed by the listening intention, which is the result that could bring a personal satisfaction. It isn't a surprise to see kids not listening at school because teachers aren't conscious to satisfy the kids interest too.

A tool is something that helps us work in order to simplify our lives. But how many existent tools instead brings us difficulties ? It isn't because a new thing is invented or fashion that it brings value to simplify our lives... usually, inventions or new ways aren't for that, but are there to make money whether or not it has importance.

It's necessary to make the difference between a communication tool and a communication media because a media is something intermediate that is more often than before, increases our fees, so increases the fees to the customers.



Communication tool

To discover the communication tools, you only have to ask yourself this question: Does it, this thing, brings me a bigger facility to understand an information or share an information ? If you observe what your mind receives as answer, you'll discover that only your attention and intention are communication tools and there is nothing else. In fact, people who look for communication tools are only lazy to simply understand this. Do you think a tool can replace you concerning the action of understanding something ?

It's not the communication tools that we need but information tools. We share information, but it's time to communicate, to understand, it's only possible if we have the intention to understand. Actually, Internet is the information tool that is the most used and will be for many years to come, until an other way shows up. Your choice of information tool must absolutely allow to inform at low fee cost and not be controlled by medias.


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