Your personalized freedom plan


Freedom is a dream for each human being and we often associate this word with “financial”. Millions of people constantly dream about it and rare are those who live free and without financial worries. Do you know why? Evidently, if you knew, you wouldn’t be on this page and you wouldn’t be searching on the Internet… the answer is simple and it’s an answer in the shape of an affirmation, but in the shape of a question… because obtaining an answer to a question is in the school education domain and the cause of a lack of freedom comes from education that encourages us to work for another as an employee (slavery is the opposite of freedom) and encourages us to individually realize to be better than another, stronger, more knowledge, more competitive, richer, etc. (isolate ourselves from others when we know that incomes come from people, which gives a contradiction).


Therefore, the consciousness of freedom, from our nature enters us when we take conscience that the job (slavery) creates dependences instead of creating an absence of needs with the creation of your business and also when we take conscience that individual realization isolates us (with fear of not being better) instead of going in relations with people wanting to realize collectively, so by offering something that has value for the well-being of all.



How to start?

We offer a personalized freedom plan to those that desire live differently from others and that are now at the crossing point, live with passion or die in the conformist of a fake security… and our personalized plan only costs 75,00$. Choose to live instead of dying… once and for all! Give to yourself before receiving!


What includes the personalized freedom plan?

- Define your dreams, goals, objectives, measures

- Take conscience that problems are disguised opportunities

- Create together an action plan and act

- Relations are the key of success

- Trip to Colombia, free lodging at my place, tax deductible


What are the steps of the personalized freedom plan?

- Communicate with us to establish a first contact

- Share information together to understand us better

- See your engagement to create a plan together

- Send a bill of 75, 00$ (Canadian) by Paypal (credit card)

- Personalized freedom plan and send it

- Act according to our engagements and our responsibilities

- Keep contact at all time


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