Incomes and finances


For the majority of the population, money is a source of conflict and misfortune. It's not a surprise if money steps away from us because in our deepest spirit, money is the root of all our pain so we come to think that money and happiness don't go together. Therefore we never asked ourselves the question "where does money come from"? We work for a boss and think money comes from him, money comes from the government, money comes from the banks, etc. In fact, money comes from a customer who is willing to pay for a product or service. So, money comes from a customer. Isn't it important to have good relations and understand peoples need when we have our own business or work for someone?

It's important to own money and not be owned by money... incomes and finances are important topics to consider if we want to change our consciousness on habits who less likely don't bring us our wanted life style and even the needed principal incomes. More to this, a statement of income is to be produced annually in economically developed counties to make sure that the State has a control on your finance situation.



Process to generate incomes

The largest income generator is the of the employment or profession who consist in giving away your time in exchange of linear income. Other people use their own business to multiply their time and therefore create a real secure income. Few other people use a lever to create a exponential reaction to bring a residual income. Investments with money to bring more money is an other process to create complementary incomes but this one is riskier. Finally, the most important thing is an income diversification to allow to put eggs in different baskets so you can control your baskets.


The business profitability

Consult our page on business profitability to help you create your own financial security.    

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