Marketing actions


Marketing actions are the relationships and without any comprehension or affection, your marketing plan will never work. Being in a relation means to be working with someone and not separately like the example of the marketing techniques.

Understanding people is only possible in action, which is relationship. By consequence, classes in public relations is an error because you can't be in relation with someone if you have a prepared way to come in relation with someone. If we use learnt knowledge, then it isn't the person that interests us, it's our knowledge. So we are dividing instead of linking so people will want to be right instead of being lovable with the other.



How to be interested in people ?

First, you must have the intention of being interested in others right ? The large majority of people are interested in people because they can give them their satisfaction or an exchange... don't try to prove the opposite, that's right. It's by observing without judgement that you can really interest yourself in others and this attention brings naturally a way to communicate with questions to understand the other. Questions never creates arguments, it creates actions in the conscience so then people are free to think and choose with reason the realization of their dreams.

Why getting interested in others in marketing? Good question, if you have the sincere intention to be interested in others, then your actions and your communication with them will be totally different from others and you'll know what to say or write to get their attention and increase their desire to choose your solutions with freedom.


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