Linear incomes


One of the biggest habits in our work is the one in understanding multiplication. We have been conditioned in school to add, but rarely to multiply, so we work by exchanging our time for money. This equation is simple and is named linear income, in line.

T = $ (time for money).

Therefore, we come to a belief that more we work, then more time we give and more money we get. But a day has 24 hours, so we are limited. So everything lies on our direct capacity and an observable and evident fact, we all get older and our body doesn't want like before to work more and more hours. Add to our ignorance an income diversification and we have a grenade in our hands. In short, we exchange our freedom for a pay check living as slaves that executes orders from others. After you're surprised of your frustration !



Incomes multiplication

Multiplying incomes is only possible if you multiply yourself... you can have a business, but everything lies on you. The secret is in our relations with others, what can we offer to people and obtain a piece of them with a financial result? Therefore, we come to a new equation :

T + T + T = $$$

But, there exists an other form of income that's not from the time domain, but a different domain, the one about residual incomes, which is something that comes to you when you aren't there.


The business profitability

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