Income diversification


The danger with only one income source lives in the dependence of this income. If a problem appears and this source stops for any reasons, then you'll live a large anxiety and a deep worry. This dependence comes from our education which them too have this perception of their lives. We can't be something we don't live.

Usually, it's by living a problem that we take conscience of the importance to vary our incomes, because when everything goes right, we don't act while it's the perfect time to do it.



The job and business

To sit on a job or to sit on a business isn't our incomes diversification. You can have an important title in a large business since many years, but observe around you the number of firings. You can equally have prospect business, but observe the number of bankruptcies and society changes.

The problem isn't the job or business, but to have ONE income.


The business profitability

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