Finances and incomes


The financial domain is usually a sector where only money counts. It's good to own money, but being owned by money is another thing.

A hurting observation is easily seen with people in finances and those in financial accounting are in their attitude with people. A lack of life, a lack of laugh, a lack of smiling, a lack of interest with people, etc. Money can't change this, we have to act, we must do lovable actions and not wait for people to do them.

The finance domain is a dead domain and people search to compensate unconsciously their lack by believing that "big knowledge" in this matter is something important in trying to be seen.



Affair people hide from their fear

Go in any reunion and you'll see that the happy person will have all the attention and not the small jealous person in his corner which will talk badly about the happy person that has a interest in people. This jealousy is a lack of love towards himself.

After, with what kind of person would you like to create projects ? Evidently, those with money and cold attitude that creates nothing because how can they join customers if they're scared of people ? The proof of this fear is depending on a lack of actions and initiatives to go towards people.

So will you do business with people who are scared ?


The business profitability

Consult our page on business profitability to help you create your own financial security.