General finance and economy


Finance is a domain of the accounting often named economy and is composed of five particular sectors that allow separating distinct elements, the applicable systems of finance. A solid formation in finance gathered with experiences will allow the responsible to finish their engagements and also their transparency that are obligatory competences when it’s question of money. Therefore, here are the themes:

 ▪ Public finance that includes the government or State’s different levels in order to control the fiscal system or other form of reception or share of public incomes.

 ▪ Institutional finance the touch the financial institutes and the financial markets such as the stock market, the Forex, property or other commission of value.

 ▪ International finance which deal with the financial operations between counties in order to guarantee actions to balance the economical situations.

 ▪ Personal finance which is the economical management of individual or family savings, financial planning, pension scheme, testaments and insurances.

 ▪ Corporative finance touches the activities of businesses for the realization or obtainment of funds for the business with the way of an efficient and transparent financial management and with judicious investments and placing.



Other sub-domains of finances are particularly important for particulars or individual entrepreneurs in order to be well informed before taking any financial decision. By example, before making a personal bankruptcy it would be wise to understand certain things in the middle. Or even to look forward a credit or financing for the acquisition of goods or inventory. At the end, it’s the lack of information that creates debts which can bring more problems than solutions to an individual.


Financial profitability solutions

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