Salary and income with work


Salary is a form of income that we obtain by exchanging our competences or experiences and is usually expressed in time. Time is usually defined in hours or even according to a period or fix schedule. Education teaches us to exchange our liberty against a pay check from a stable job or to have a noble profession to devote the major part of our life. But education don’t inform us that we can create a business or commerce and therefore use people’s time as multiplier and therefore enjoy life a bit more.


The job

The minimum salary coming from a job is often dictated with the inflation and not abilities, so you’re treated like all the other employees. The only way to increase your incomes is to receive promotions from a higher shift. Therefore, shifts are more and rarer when we climb the ladder making promotions harder to obtain. And more, dismisses and restructurings are important risk factors. Where is the security in a job?



The profession

Imagine yourself as a dentist and for your life style, you must work 60 hours a week to pay your counts and your big house. And when comes the time for vacations, then who works at your place as dentist? In fact, it isn’t the two weeks of vacations at 4000$ in the south with your wife that hurts your budget, but the 10,000$ that you lose because no one can replace you…


The business

The essential when we desire a business is to have the passion in us and this passion comes from an obligatory element, the one to never count hours because the love is omnipresent. And more, the multiplication of your time is a point that you will consider eventually and is realized with the formation of others, sharing with others your experiences and your life quality. By consequence, you’ll have incomes coming in when you don’t go to work, whether charges.


Financial profitability solutions

We offer you a free Website design for your visibility or the diversification of your incomes with the creation of a new business.