Sources of income


People search for income sources in order to have a larger financial flexibility and few people are conscious of this source. Try this and ask anyone where does money come from and rare are the people that will answer you without hesitating, that money comes from people. Therefore since you are also from this mass of people, you too didn't know it.

By consequence, the first cause why people don't have enough money isn't in poverty, but in their ignorance concerning relations. Poverty is a result of this ignorance, accepting this truth and acting with people. Too many people don't see that the only way to make more money lies in the action of being lovable and servable with people.

Yes, there are rich people that aren't lovable, but maybe we don't have enough information concerning them to understand their way of life with relations with people ? It's easy to bring a fast judgement without having facts and more information.



What to do for more incomes

You only have to do the exact opposite of what all people do and are on this planet, to be attentive to them before others. To see that problems are opportunities to offer services and products to people with the form of a business creation. To understand that if we want to be free, you only have to offer this freedom to others, Understand? You constantly wait for solutions... so you do like the rest of the world instead of doing the opposite.


The business profitability

Consult our page on business profitability to help you create your own financial security.