Residual incomes


Elvis Presley is dead since many years but he makes more money then us in a year, you know why ? He used a lever to generate incomes even when he isn't there. This type of incomes are named residual incomes which are incomes that come in when we don't "come in". Different from linear incomes, residual lies on decisions and a different work concerning the way of receiving incomes.

Imagine that you desire lift a 500 kilos rock, it' impossible to lift it, everyone will tell you that it's impossible to make residual incomes, but the secret is in the lever and not in the lack of work. Therefore you can "work hard" all your life without having a financial freedom because you "don't work intelligently".



Levers makes desired results easy

Once you notice the importance of having a lever, then we look for ways, tools to create residual incomes. Evidently, you won't get this type of solution in this site because a truth must be discovered concerning your intention, whether offering something valuable to people and this is seen with a contact with us. Put this accessible to everyone can create judgement problems from others which will be jealous of those who succeed.


The business profitability

Consult our page on business profitability to help you create your own financial security.