Complementary incomes


The urgency of a situation brings the desire to obtain a complementary income in order to realize our budget. Therefore, this quest at it's source in the lack of income and not in the intention to have more incomes when everything goes well. So a reaction instead of an action. All reactions comes from an uncomfortable feeling with or without being conscious, or attentive to us and then it results to a long term unpleasant consequence while we have a short term pleasant result. By consequence, you'll constantly recreate this problem.

An action is different because it has it's source in a calm mind so it will get the opposite results of a reaction so a long term pleasant consequence and a short term unpleasant consequence. What to choose ?



React and act brings the only working solution

Do you desire getting pleasant consequences all the time ? Then you can see that two solutions exists, isn't it right ? If you live a problem from a lack of income, is it possible that this situation is a long term consequence that you live ? Something complementary is something that brings a completive and not a lack. Did you pass all your life reacting ? Time makes us forget and then we don't remember taking a decision that today doesn't work...


The business profitability

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