Obstacles to a business success


Everybody seek to create a prospect business but few succeed, why? All say they'll be different from others but they still live failure. How know if we'll succeed our business? How know that we won't fall like everybody else? What do we have to do to change our destiny and live free?



First of all, this page isn't for those who'll try to do something, but for those who do something, do you catch the tint? We'll establish the obstacles that prevent people from succeeding, the obstacles that infect anybody who wants their freedom with a business. Please read the obstacles with no judgement and in all objectivity to find out which one suit's you. Don't try to do something with these obstacles cause therefore you'll only dig them deeper into you, but try to understand the causes or your decisions that created them.

Note : the world doesn't need "intelligent thinkers", but action people... to talk about love without doing any loveable actions is one of the stupidest thing that exists.

1- The habit to not accept how things are

2- The habit to never write down our dreams, goals, objectives, action plan

3- The habit to not see ourselves and change our unhealthy habits

4- The habit to remit to tomorrow (never) the action

5- The habit to justify and to reason instead of seeing evident facts

6- The habit to never take out money to invest in valuable things

7- The habit to listen at people with no proper experiences

8- The habit of being scared of the authority

9- The habit to think that money is bad

10- The habit to do nothing good for us when everything goes well

11- The habit to think that you have to have a good ideal to start a business

12- The habit to accept to be judged and criticized with no fair answer

13- The habit to go to an exterior need to compensate the interior

14- The habit to judge instead of understanding

15- The habit to think that education is important

16- The habit to compete instead of cooperating

17- The habit to be better instead of being kind

18- The habit to be right instead of understanding

19- The habit to satisfy our desires without thinking about those of others

20- The habit to entertain a boring and dull life

21- The habit of desiring respect and love instead of offering it

22- The habit of wanting to control people instead of leaving them free