Rights and legal lawyers


Usually, when comes the time to start a business, we must be sure to be in approval with the laws and rules of a given region to be able to commercialize our products and services for the good functioning of a business. The commercial domain, civil and social are rights topics who must be deeply understood to avoid problems and legal suits and allow to start a business on a solid and durable foundation.



A personal business who works in his region won't have the same questioning as a business wanting to distribute to another country, so it would be wise to consult a competent person in that domain to understand the game and therefore decide if the development is profitable or not.


Our legal lawyer partners

Our organisation has implications and partners in North America, South America and Europe to offer you the juridical support desired and also in three important languages, whether English, French and Spanish.

Here are our partners :

ICAM for Europe in English, French and Spanish

Abogados JB for Latin America in Spanish

• We are still searching for a partner in North America