Durable business creation


Why are we surrounded by people that work for someone else, for a boss or a government, as well as bosses and politicians work for someone else to. All these things bring one point of vu that creates thinking habits, beliefs and obstacles to success because in fact, there aren't any choices in front of us. Those who desire launch or start their own business with nothing, are those the world need and not people who have the advantage of having a father or a favourable financial environment.



Those who had a sincere intention to realize something valuable already have a good perception of what doesn't work to be free. This freedom is expressed by our nature and anything that blocks this freedom of choice will create conflicts and problems which at their turn, will be good opportunities to create great projects. The measure of a project's value isn't the physic or financial size, but the multiplication of small numbered responsible people having an initiative to create their business. That's what the world needs. All other projects didn't work because they consisted in being better than an other instead of cooperating.

Creating a business isn't about buying a business and use employees to do the work for you. This isn't a contractor or a business creation, it's a person with a lack of self esteem you wants to control others for his small ego.


The energies and emotions for a business success

Before looking at the steps of a business management, it's essential to take conscience of certain basic factors for a durable business creation allowing to realize a person's ardent dream or desire. Without this element, no human beings would have the energy or emotion to realize a project. A second important element must be the passion to act that multiplies vital energy with the action to do concerning a job we like. A third essential element is required, the true hope which is a solution that works to realize targeted goals. Too many people are being manipulated because many scrupulous people sell fake hopes in exchange of money. A fourth energy that is hidden, but essential, is being with people or customers who are happy that we have a true solution to their problem, it's relation with enthusiasm people, because their enthusiasm is contagious, and more, we receive the consequences of our work with incomes. Once all these energies are understood, we have to establish our goal and mission to continually act and put in place precise objectives that will measure our evolution with evident facts. To remember our actions to do, an action plan or a work plan can be used as reminder. Don't hit the wall with instructed people with no initiative, those who create a useless business plan.


Solutions to create a business

Usually, people search for ideals to start a business, but rare are those who see it isn't an ideal you have to find, but to look at a problem that people live. Evidently, all good realizations comes from people who lived personal problems, so they were deeply conscious of that truth with a personal experience. As a result, all demands from people, have a problem at the source, that's inside of us, and still a good thing. A market study with Internet allows to discover the demand.

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