Business management and accounting


If you are the owner of your business, to reduce your costs and to have a full control of your decisions and results, you have to deal with your management and accounting yourself.

In our days, many people go to school to learn management and accounting because they are topics to be able to work comfortably in an office and do nothing valuable, to bring nothing valuable to a business. The biggest income loss comes from these two sectors : paying managers who create work with useless reunions or employee conflicts and paying accountants who create work with useless reports.



What counts for a business is these three things : get more customers, satisfy the customers and reduce the expenses. So how can a manager and accountant bring value to a business?

A real contractor makes himself the management and accounting and this is the easiest thing to do. If today it's so complicated, it's in big part because of employees who created complications to justify their job and make us think we need them...


Management and accounting - with simplicity and profitability

We present to you practical information to allow you to make your own management and also your own business accounting.

Business management for a healthy administration of your business

General accounting for the financial situation of your business

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