Business plan


Those who desire a business plan, why do they think they need one? Where does this information comes from that a business plan is necessary? Necessary to realize what? Do you desire a free life or you desire a useless and complicated headache?

Usually, a business plan is needed when we want to make a financial demand because the institutes wish to see our strategy to maximize the business's profits and also to have a refund assurance. But do you think a company like Coca-Cola needs a business plan to obtain a business financing?



All personal businesses who started, almost all started without a business plan and with no financing or few, but doing the necessary actions immediately without analysing. And more than 95% of new businesses with a business plan have been a total failure in the next two years. How can you analyse something new with old thoughts who are by the fact what holds you back from living something else creating a mentality of judgement and fear? It would be important to read the business obstacles to success... and find out which ones match you.

If you are thinking of creating your business, you'll never create one, because between starting a business or not... thinking to start is the assertion that we aren't starting. Do you seize this? Thinking to make a business plan is also an obvious proof of a lack of initiative...


When is a business plan necessary?

A business plan comes from a person who doesn't have his business, whether teachers... in fact, what counts isn't a business plan, but an action plan and this plan is really simple, do what you have to do right now... the method or plan is already in us, we are the creation method and we don't need a plan that comes from teachers or other "thinkers" complicated spirits who create nothing and leads the way to their cliff. Contact us if you are someone who acts and we'll act together for your business realization.

Teachers have a big advantage if you stay under their control... and if you listen to them, you get the same results as them.