Business financing


Financing means depts, isn't simple enough to understand? Before wanting a financing, did you see the possible options who allows you not run into debt? Where did the decision to finance our business comes from? You maybe have to buy equipments, products, inventories, accessories, vehicles, etc., but do you really need it?

If you already have your business and it is profitable, then a financing is usually used to develop a market or export certain things depending on guaranteed contracts. But if you don't have incomes, guaranteed sales figure, why search to run into dept? Is it your employee thoughts that control you?

Why not start little by little with no debts, and then grow according to the customers demand.



Financing alternatives

Financing is usually the answer learned by conditioning when it's time to start a business, but observe the following alternatives to allow you to reduce your financing demand. Pay for the past is never a comfortable solution.

- Inventory purchase : Why not use certain products on consignment and create a virtual inventory with a free website?

- Equipment purchase : Why not rent when you'll have real customers and when it's the required time?

- Employees : Why not use a subcontracting with a contract and according to results that interest's you?

- Vehicle : Why not use mail service?

- Rent : Why not start home?

- Financing : Why not put your energy in your incomes instead of your outcomes?