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Since always, what's important for a business is to offer products and services that people really want, not to offer something because we believe it's a good ideal. With Internet, it's the same thing, observe the number of useless Websites that pollute on the Internet and you'll understand why few Websites are relevant. The demand is king, not the offer. In the traditional world, you need to have lots of money for a large publicity campaign to launch a product and make sells, but Internet isn't the same process that's reserved for rich and powerful people. People seek for their answers and find's them in search bots. Rich people can't buy a dominant position because if they could, they'd monopolize the best positions so nobody would use the Internet anymore... and search bots like Google, Yahoo and MSN all know about it.

If you have a service or a product to offer to people, a free Website with us could bring you many visitors and customers if a demand really exists with a Internet market study concerning the keywords in your activity sector. You need to offer solutions to peoples problems, therefore know what's the problem.



The Website's basic characteristic

How can we announce a new product or service on the Internet when people search using keywords? Knowing this, how can they know the the existence of what you offer? Answer to this question: Why would people buy your products and services? If you can't answer, then you bring nothing good to people. If you have answers that brings good to people, then we'll design many Web pages for the subjects that motivate them and we'll place them in categories on the navigation menu for a bigger and better development.


Free fees involves expenses

Our Website design work requires expenses for hosting a Website and for the domain name, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.