Popular keywords - Website


With a market study on the Internet, we can discover the most demanded keywords depending on the important terms that we offer as solutions and what interest people. Therefore we have the basic informations for a free Website design that lies on the customers truth and not fake theories. These keywords or group of keywords will be use for de navigation menu design and the proposed solutions on the side-menu and they will be well placed so they can be easily noticed. More to this, all the Website pages will be created from those demands in order to adapt to peoples demands and then do a simple Website page optimization without abusing. Many links between the inner pages will be displayed to create a quality system that will bring a bigger popularity to the keywords, therefore bring a better positioning in search bots.



Tools to find keywords

Among the Websites that offer free lists of words asked in the search bots, obviously Google Adwords is the world's leader to find facts in any language and country desired. Another important Website is Seobook who lets you see each search bot's daily requests. Finally there is Miva and YSM (Yahoo Search Marketing), but we have to register first as announcers.


Free fees involves expenses

Our Website design work requires expenses for hosting a Website and for the domain name, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.