Content editing - Website


The Website's value is directly associated to an original content that we can create and offer to people. Observe that the majority of Website's rarely have an original content, especially educational Websites who are conform copies of each other. Therefore, creating a new and original content continually, you assure yourself on a long term popularity. How write an original content? By doing exactly the opposite of what people do... isn't it simple? Yes, it's really simple but it isn't easy. Here are our original content writing methods according to following Website pages:

Menu page to create a richer and more interesting content

Solution page to present the offered services and products

Blog page to add complementary articles



Content copying and copyrights

People are used to copy because they were raised at school to imitate, so when comes the time to create, their memory is useless, so people seek to copy elsewhere. How to check that our content isn't copied? Use this excellent Copyscape tool to discover the content copiers.


Free fees involves expenses

Our Website design work requires expenses for hosting a Website and for the domain name, therefore we ask you a 100$ hosting fee a month after beginning working. This is also the fee to pay each year.