Sincere intention to create your business


How do you know if your intentions are sincere concerning a business launching or anything else? In fact, it would be wise to define what is sincerity first and this definition enters in existent when we know what sincerity isn't. Not to be sincere, is talking without making any concrete actions. Not to be sincere, is asserting a quality to someone without having any facts, so a type of hypocrisy to try being nice with words, with full of bad inside. Not to be sincere, is complimenting someone without telling our own feelings, usually the words "like" or "love". Here are two examples to make the difference between a lack of sincerity and sincerity.

- You made a good work.

- Your work is well done and I like it especially because I can see clearly the difference with the elements that allow to see the excessive expenses.



Sincerity isn't the domain of the words, but the one of the action or attitude that we have about the other. Words are usually used to compensate or lie, but the true actions are what is real, so words aren't necessary anymore. For the large majority of human beings, the intention of creating our own business comes in existence when we are tired and bored of something. We don't desire anymore living the type of life that we have and we prefer die than work for someone as a slave. If this feeling isn't in your guts, than your intentions to create your business isn't ready yet.


Solutions to create a business

Your sincerity is easily observable by someone who is conscious of what sincerity is and isn't, so impossible to lie or hide something. Your desire create a business? Then you already made something to begin, or else you're still in the excuse and justification domain, you're waiting while a contractor is acting.