Sales figure


Sales figure are really important results, we can even assert that they're the most important measure of a business. Without sales figure, a business can't exist because its foundation lies on incomes to be able to continue the operations and activities. But, without a good expenses management, the business profitability would be in danger.

What allows measuring the sales figure are the money incomes during a certain period as a month or year. Another important measure exists before realizing sales figure and it's the one that allows to measure the efficency of our relations and our service with new customers, whether the ratio between the number of visitors and the number of transactions or contracts. This measure is vital because it allows to see fastly our attitude with people and what we have to change in our behaviour according with what we take conscience.



How to increase your sales figure ?

The only way to increase sales figure is to get more customers that visit us. Many ways are at your disposition for this, but you must choose those who respect your criterion and your values. By example, we have already refused a contract of more than 3000$ (book editing) because a lady wasn't lovable and believed that a "customer is always right". This behaviour for us is inadmissible because this lady said she could lack of respect and that only money was important. The funniest part is that in the same week, we signed 3 other important contracts.


Business management and solutions

For those who desire increase their sales figures, visit our free website design page to allow you to join a new market. If a project start makes you wonder, consult our business profitability section.