Contacts or business relations


What really means business contacts or business relations ? In the activity frame between two businesses, usually two employees meet each other to talk about strategies to exchange products or services. But in the frame of your business, you're in relation with a customer or with a supplier. Since we don't encourage employees and dependences, then we'll limit here to personal contacts and not impersonal contacts (other's business, so no emotion).

It's essential during a business contact to always tell your interests in order for the other to feel free to tell you his interests. This relation basics brings honesty and by consequence, a pleasant joy that eliminates doubts and fears. Why is it so important ? This gives a precise direction and avoids everyone to lose their interests. Not doing it brings a mess and a constant hypocrisy. If you don't talk about your fees rapidly, then you create a doubt, but if you talk about your fees rapidly, then you'll create confidence. Try it and you'll know... in feelings and experience.

Never do business with someone that doesn't have a decision power, so do it with the owner. Any titled employee doesn't have a decision power because he's scared to be mistaken in front of his boss, so he has to consult him. Imagine if he had 5 people on top of him...



Never try to convince someone

If your customer or supplier doesn't take a decision right away, it's because he doesn't have the necessary information. Ask questions to discover which information is missing and never try to convince him with conditions or others ways of persuasions. Yes, everyone does that, but it doesn't work, it's the freedom that correctly works and this freedom is obtained with the comprehension and truth.


Business management and solutions

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