Business management


What has more value, business management or managing your business ? Our world is filled of people that manage other people's business and however create more problems. What really counts is your own business and your own experience. Business management is simply for those who work as employees and any employee is someone irresponsible concerning his own life. If you would be responsible of your life or business, then it would be evident that you wouldn't be someone else's slave... If the word "irresponsible" bothers you then look inside you if you don't judge words to look good, because this is only a true statement simple to see.

Managing business is a waste of time to compensate a lack of initiative in order to create something that brings value to human beings and usually, business managers are those that are the most hidden to therefore do things they don't want to be visible.



Affairs are costumes to look good

You are a business man or it's only to look good ? The truth is that you put importance on a title instead of putting it on you, proving again that you don't estimate yourself and that you need a title, an image so people can estimate you in order to compensate a lack or unconsciousness.

Why not start to manage your things instead of managing other people's things ? Are you scared to be responsible of your life and accuse people if you have problems ? We only do business with responsible "men and women", not with titles which are at the base jobs or modern slavery.


Business management and solutions

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