Press release


To inform the community from a new business, a new service or product, any type of promotion or an important change, a press release is a popular tool to send at medias who can at their turn send the information public. On the Internet, many press release Websites exist to inform new things and equally as electronic newspapers.



Our press release redaction service will bring to your business visibility, popularity and prestige to allow to inform your regional medias and other principal actors on Internet. Evidently, we can't guarantee that the medias will publish it, but at least they'll receive it.

The press release contains a title, a hooking sentence a content of your message with a link to your Website or other coordinates. One page is enough for a press release.


Fees for the redaction of a press release

Our fee for the redaction of a press release is 100$ and includes the forwarding of 10 addressees of your choice and 10 addressees of our choice.