Publicity by Internet


The biggest mistake people make concerning publicity by the Internet is to reach it with the same habits of traditional publicity, mostly those who assert that they have many years of experiences. Evidently, the question to ask them is the next : What counts to know isn't that you have 20 years of experience, but what kind of experience do you have since 20 years.

Traditional publicity lies on the fact to pay hoping to be known, but publicity by the Internet is to be known and then pay. Evidently, those you have interest for traditional publicity aren't conscious that they profit of customers with sight of their satisfaction, but today Internet settled the time so those people will be hardly roughed... without have good relations with their customers and their customer's customers (readers and surfers). The time is solved where powerful medias controlled everything and had a prestigious attitude with people. Today people choose to receive information with Internet because it's faster and simpler all costing nothing.



If you are a contractor, someone who has his business, you have many choices to obtain customers and then pay only when the results satisfies you. Programs like Adword and Adsense are ideal to obtain a fast and good return on your investments or any form of ads on the Web according to a keyword strategy.


Our publicity solutions

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