Leaflet design for publicity


A leaflet isn't a document that we drop in a well-patronized place hoping for people to grab it, but a high value document that we send to people who are susceptible to use our services and products.

We make the design of your publicity leaflet to allow you to have an effective tool to join your targeted customers in the language desired (English, French and Spanish). Our leaflet put importance on a choice freedom and real intentions that customers have. A simple design, a text content that is clear and resumes what you offer, fast and easy to read, all of this has a significant impact on the potential customer's decision.



We also have excellent fees for the printing, but we suggest that you take care of the printing for a faster treatment and also to avoid paying another printing medium.

If an introduction intro redaction is needed, we redact it as a bonus with your leaflet. Don't forget that a free website is also offered for your marketing.


Fees for a leaflet design

Our fee for the conception of a leaflet is 100$ for a standard format ( around 8,5 x 11 inches). The design is for both sides.