Exchange our freedom for a par check


April 20th 2009. One of the biggest unconsciousness of life consists in working for another and not working with another and by consequence, people exchange their freedom for a pay check. First of all, it’s imperative for those that read this text, to understand that there’s no judgments and that if you don’t feel right, then it’s simply your own habits of judging everything that’s not framed in your habits of declaring things “good or correct” when they’re according to your beliefs and “bad or incorrect” when things are different from your beliefs.


An evolved mind observes and observes in action without carrying any judgements. This action of having the intention of understanding is the only motive to create our own way of thinking and not being the result of others with the teachings received.



Observe yourself and around to see if you have unconsciously chosen to work for someone else in the way of a job and also to see if you have chosen a profession without taking conscience that you will have to give all your time in exchange of a salary or honorary. Observation is simple, isn’t it? But when we were 10 or 16 years old, never we met people having a different way of thinking in order sharing with us information concerning the system we would join and imprison us all our life.


The truth, we have given our freedom for a pay check or for honoraries and today, we can’t choose another life because we have responsibilities that oblige us to continue on this same route. We don’t dispose of enough free time after our work to launch a project and often we search for entertainments to compensate.


What new to do for finding our freedom?

The question isn’t to know what to do, but to feel in ourselves if we are truly tired, fed up of this life of obligation, condition, manipulation and being controlled. If you aren’t fed up, then you don’t have any proper truth concerning this situation and you’ll go like many others, continue till your death. There isn’t anything bad in working for someone else or in your profession, what’s important to know is to see what you like or dislike. However, what we like or dislike isn’t what we think, but really what we feel and the majority of people lost contact with their truths, their feelings. They judge their feelings (their own truth) without noticing it and judgment is a reaction learnt from others, so beliefs coming from the past and not truths that are always from the “present” domain.


So, you have nothing to do to find your freedom, but to observe your truths which them will free you and create opportunities of a different life. Therefore, we trust ourselves that our spirit will bring us what’s perfect for us now. And this perfection is maybe continuing working for someone or not.



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