Ideas to create a Website


January 21st 2009. Thousands of ideas exists to create a popular Website, but what's rare are the actions because the ideas domain is the procrastination domain. Look around you and observe correctly without any distortion, you'll see people talk about projects, magnificent creations, things they'll do, leave over action to do and justify with reasons or incredible inventions give themselves reason. Now that you have seen around you, I suggest you to ask yourself if you are also in this group and to look at yourself without judging or criticizing.




Websites that can be popular


For a Website to be popular, it would be important to discover a domain that's already popular and the most popular theme is still and surely the theme of PROBLEMS, because without any problems, people would totally live sleeping in their security, monotony or dull... and they naturally search for a solution to this boredom, whether solutions or desires in the theme of entertainment.

Problems are discomforts (usually unconscious) that make us react instantly without thinking. So we come to search for information concerning solutions (opposite desires) to heal this discomfort. Internet opens the lane to all of those who understand the relations and this comprehension is only possible in action, which is by the way the relation it self. So people having a large knowledge in technologies on Internet or Website creations will never understand relations... we don't understand relations in school too by putting someone in front of a computer reading what has to be read in this subject.

So, what are the problems that people live and not what you think... you must talk to people, be attentive with people and the problems they have, be ready to act fast to bring something to their pain, boredom, solitude, poverty, etc.