The secret to approach a stranger - Relations and marketing


Febuary 1st 2009. One of the hardest thing in the world is to approach a stranger in order to present a product or a service and even to simply meet someone. There are classes and formations in marketing or public relations, but in fact, the person who teach's has maybe no proper experience, only fake theories that come from another educational system without its proper experience.



In our days and in the future, people will make the difference within the mass, that will live happily, without any financial worries and security coming from strangers. With Internet, people will isolate themselves even more with human contacts. I have personally met more than 15,000 strangers by having the initiative to approach them and today I share facts, experiences that work because I know what doesn't work with a contact with a stranger and, it's more pleasant to meet a stranger than someone you already know, that usually judge's us or criticize's us unconsciously without any consideration to create well-being in a relationship.

You're searching to live in prosperity, to live without any financial worries or by living constantly with customers for your business ? Then we are linked with others, we don't particularly need others, but we have dependances with people in order to obtain something from them that we desire. By consequence, relation is the tool, the way for our own happiness and not isolation. With this fact, we can observe the lack of goodness, amiability and courtesy around us and we also observe that we are like them. Here are some experiences that could bring you important conscience takings.

For almost all humans, we use relations as way to obtain something, therefore the reason of being of a relation isn't unserstood, but used to obtain advantages, exchanges.

Who's interested in relations ? No one really is interested in people and talking about people isn't being interested, but talking with people of what are their dreams, desires, fears, experiences.

I remember thousands of uncomfortable feelings that I had when I approached a stranger and all contacts are always different, so I came to understand that I didn't have any techniques to remember because a contact is always new.

How to approach this type of contact ? It's the hardest, but also one of the biggest creation and brings a total self confidence also having the largest market in marketing.