How to change our life


May 3rd 2009. All human beings have the power of creation in order to choose the life they would love and still, rare are those that have the sincere desire, but rather desire talking about it and receive pity, attention or even justify staying the same. Since I lived in a high secure country (Canada) and now I live in one of the most difficult country (Colombia), then I’m well placed to share my experiences and creations in order to show that it isn’t about the place where we live that counts, but our consciousness of observing what “is” without deformation.



Though, there are some people that are born in a material richness frame and don’t have a consciousness concerning difficult situations that people can live and the lack of hope in all domains of life, so I’m not addressing to them in this text, but more to people issued from other middles that represent more than 99% of the population.


Also, some people exist on our planet that don’t receive this text because of a lack of communication methods present in their actual place, so those who can share the creation process in person with them stay human beings in action. By consequence, I’m also not addressing to people that talk without actions in relations with poor people, because this type of person don’t really have personal esteem and constantly search unconsciously, to obtain a sort of recognition without bring anything to others which are in the need and have the intention of getting a different life.


Although, there also exist a large number of people living in poverty in which we can’t do anything because they are satisfied with their situation. We can’t force a human being to have an exterior intention, because this is the opposite of our nature, whether freedom.


It isn’t with this written process or any solution that we can really share something, but in relation, in direct action with someone… so teachings without relation, is one of the causes of the lack that create an illusion of needing something to survive or be happy.


Therefore, what we have to share is simply our consciousness of create in relation with people and these people must have the sincere intention of acting and not receiving help… giving to people without them acting, working, giving, sharing, etc. is a poison in relations because it creates a habit “receiving without offering”. This universal law doesn’t work on the opposite, but in order, this is why so many people live poorly… they have been conditioned by fear and culpability to “receive” without bringing something, without doing anything, without working to create a life for themselves. And where do these conditions come from? From those that control.


You want to change something? Then start by looking at yourself and understand yourself in your relations, in your habits and maybe a changing will be produced, a changing called CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION, and it’s impossible to evolve unconsciously… without doing anything different.



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