The true reason of a relation


For almost all humans, we use relations as way to obtain something, therefore the reason of being of a relation isn't understood, but used to obtain advantages, exchanges. It isn't a surprise that a relation is something difficult and uncomfortable. It's through the relations that we can really know ourselves and evolve consciously, because during that contact, we reveal to ourselves. We can have a high opinion on ourselves, but without actions in a relation with a another person, then we only have that opinion which is manifestly an illusion to try to look good, simply a lie. Everybody has a favourable opinion of themselves, but is this true ? Everyone believes that they're lovable and generous, but is this true or only an idea ? Relations are the only way to discover if this is true, but rare are people that will act because fear prevents the action and we are full of fear, especially those who assert they're scared of nothing... but they are scared to see they're scared.

Without actions in relations with others, you create fear so you justify yourselves with words to look good... a lovable person doesn't have to prove he's lovable ? He is so he doesn't search to be. Those who talk about love are those who aren't lovable because what are his intentions to talk about love ? Why does he do it ? You can have diplomas, theories, a good language, but if you don't go to people with initiative, with courage, with the intention to creation well-being, then you are someone totally unconscious of yourself and you didn't evolve since many years, because you are scared.



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